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Going South on the USA Westcoast, foggy Oregon

John Benson has provided the Panam & West-Coast cyclists with a very useful document, with a list of all Hiker-Biker sites, Youth Hostels and more useful info. Thanks John!


Hi Harry

Here’s the document, attached.

Going South on the USA Westcoast, foggy Oregon

Going South on the USA Westcoast, foggy Oregon

It’s not quite what the title says and you can obviously adapt it as you wish. There are two bits to it:
1. North of San Francisco
2. South of San Francisco
I stayed with friends in SF so didn’t put options there for the city.

North of San Francisco it’s easy … there is only one HI Hostel in Point Reyes so everything else is an H/B site. Each site has 4 sections:
1. Name of campsite where the H/B is.
2. Location.
3. Distance from the previous camp – the first one is from the last site in Oregon, a mile north of Brookings.
4. Any extra notes e.g. the first site closes after Labo(u)r Day – 6 September.

South of San Francisco has H/B sites, HI Hostels & W/showers – the latter only where I stayed.
This time there are 5 columns – the same four as above and a new 4th column which indicates where I stopped each night and the distance I took to get there – with stops, getting lost etc.
I used a couple of hostels for breaks from camping or in Santa Monica, as a base to see LA, where there aren’t any campgrounds.
One important point to note is that North Beach Campground in Pismo Beach is no longer an H/B site and so there is a long distance between Morro Bay & Gaviota State Park (basically, 2 days cycling for the normal person). It’s $25 per site at North Beach so, if there are other cyclists, you can share a site or ask around. By Pismo Beach, there were only 4 of us running the route at the same time, unlike at other times, so this may be a limited option.


The document:



Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park 11 miles S of Crescent City 53.7km Mill Creek Camp – closes 06 Sep
Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park 6 miles N of Orick 34.6km $5 – Elk Prairie Campground
Patricks Point State Park 4 miles N of Trinidad 38.7km
Humboldt Redwoods State Park 5 miles N of Myers Flat 109km Marina Garden Club Grove Camp
Humboldt Redwoods State Park 4 miles N of Myers Flat 2km Burlington Campground
Benbow Lake State Recreation Area 5 miles S of Garberville 32.3km
Richardson Grove State Park 8 miles S of Garberville 6.8km
Standish-Hickey State Recreation Area 2 miles N of Leggett 22.1km $5
MacKerricher Beach State Park 2 miles N of Fort Bragg 66.6km
Russian Gulch State Park 2 miles N of Mendocino 19.6km Closed by 21/09
Van Damme Beach State Park 3 miles S of Mendocino 8.7km $5, showers $0.50 – raccoons
Manchester State Beach 2 miles NW of Manchester 50.6km
Gualala Point Regional Park 2 miles S of Gualala 38.6km $5, showers $0.50 – raccoons
Woodside Campground 8 miles S of Stewarts Point 31.5km
Stillwater Cove State Park 10 miles S of Stewart Point 3.2km $5, showers $1.50
Bodega Dunes State Beach 10 miles S of Jenner 58.4km $5
HI Hostel Point Reyes Station $22
Samuel P. Taylor State Park 6 miles SE of Olema 67.6km $5; showers 25c x 3 mins


Montara HI 31.9km
Half Moon Bay State Beach HB 4 miles W of Half Moon Bay 10.1km 42km $7; Showers 25c = 2 min
Pescadero HI 34.1km
Santa Cruz HI 45.4km 80km $22 members; $25 non
New Brighton State Beach HB 8 miles SE of Santa Cruz 12.3km
Sunset State Beach HB 20 miles SE of Santa Cruz 18.2km
Monterey HI 47.2km
Vets Memorial Park HB 3 miles SW of Monterey 5.2km 90.5km $6
Pfeiffer-Big Sur State Park HB 2 miles S of Big Sur 50.6km 78.5km $5; Showers 25c = 3 min
Kirk Creek Campground HB 4 miles S of Lucia 43.7km
San Simeon State Beach HB 5 miles S of San Simeon 54.3km
Cambria HI 15km 117km $24 members; $27 non
Morro Bay State Park HB 6 miles SW of Morro Bay 35.5km
San Luis Obispo HI 19km
Gaviota State Park HB 18 miles north of Goleta 136km $10
Refugio State Beach HB 9 miles N of Goleta 15km 130.4km $10; Shower 25c = 2 min
El Capitan State Beach HB 6 miles N of Goleta 4.8km
Carpinteria State Beach HB 1 mile S of Carpinteria 19.5km
McGrath State Beach Camp HB 3 miles S of Ventura 39km 97.6km $10; Shower 25c = 2 min
Leo Carillo State Beach HB 10 miles S of Port Hueneme 33km Wifi  Tokens
Sycamore Canyon & Cove HB Point Mugu State Park 8.4km
LA – Santa Monica HI 52.2km 97.4km $30 members; $33 non
LA – South Bay HI 43km
Hungtington Beach WS 52.6km 90.1km
Oceanside WS 82.3km 91.2km
San Clemente State Beach HB 3 miles S of San Clemente 27.1km
San Elijo State Beach HB 4 miles S of Leucadia 1.9km Wifi
San Diego – Downtown HI San Diego 40.9km 66.5km $28
Mexican Border, Tijuana US-Mexico Border 30km

You can also download the above as a PDF file here for easy printing: JB-Hiker-Biker-Sites-Hostels-USA.

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Many BikeTravellers know that Paijan, in the North of peru, is a dangerous spot. Not just for cyclists by the way, as many cars and buses have been shot at and robbed as well.

On the south edge of town, there was a police checkpoint. Not really a checkpoint as it turned out. The cop, a woman, was warning us and even the locals in their motor vehicles not to stop in Paiján under any circumstances. I didn’t follow everything that was said, but clearly Paiján is being treated as a zona roja (“red zone”). So it’s not just bad for cyclists anymore. The latest specific incident was a carload of tourists passing through at night and getting their tires shot out and then their stuff stolen. (Jeff Kruys)

But since the ‘ladrones’ of this dusty costal desert town have learned about the long line of BikeTravellers that do the Panam route, they have been focused on cyclists specifically. The chances or robbery are high and the danger is real, see below some comments and stories from the Panam-riders:


On Thu, Jul 29, 2010 at 8:11 PM, Pedaling South wrote:

Hi all,

Two questions:

1. Is the Sechero Desert a nice place to ride, like the desert in Baja California, Mexico? If not, is the 1B that goes around (east of) the Sechero a viable cycling route? Any tips welcome. We’re headed toward Trujillo (duh) from the North. Right now in Riobamba, Ecuador.

2. Anyone ridden through Paijan, Peru lately? Is this really the black hole of bike touring, i.e. robbers waiting for cyclists to pass through? Sure we don’t wanna get robbed but people have been saying “you’d be crazy to ride through XXX” since we started out from Anchorage. So, can you ride THROUGH Paijan?

Hope yr all good!

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